A Diary Entry



August, the 31st, 2014.

Well, most people start a diary on the first of January, some of them keep it up-to-date all throughout the year, but most people tend to either lose interest or forget to keep their promise made to themselves, a resolution, as many would call it on a New Year day that they would maintain a diary all through that year.

I just had a thought, why start writing a diary only on January 1st? Why not today? Not that I have a string of most interesting events which happened today.  I just felt very bored.  So I thought, why not write a diary entry, a long forgotten school days assignment. Oh my, I used to hate it when my teacher gives such assignments to me way back in school days, but then, here I am doing this exercise just because I’m feeling bored. The teacher, way back in school mentioned that a diary entry must be in the form of a reported speech, recollecting all the events happened that day and she used to give some formats for writing it. I used to wonder what, a diary entry; a person’s personal entry must follow a format? Well, chuck it.

So, I didn’t mention what I did today as the title here beams today’s date in a bold font. Well, I actually did nothing today. I just felt like starting a diary, but then, a diary entry shouldn’t be empty, right?


A Friend Indeed.


“No, he isn’t the right guy for you. Trust me, his feelings are fake. You need to come out of this, Jiah. It’s better to leave him now rather than have repercussions at the end.” his words kept ringing in her ears as though an old cassette had got stuck in a tape-recorder.

If only I had followed Ashwin’s words, her thoughts forming a cloud.

She was completely broken down after such a horrendous text from her boyfriend, now ex, when he stated that he had found a girl with better prospects.

All the love which he showed to me was fake, she thought, when first drops of tears trickled down her eyes and little drops began to form a mighty ocean and that’s when she made a drastic decision.

She found an old rope from the girl’s guides kit in her almirah, and made a knot such that her head fits in and hung it on to a ceiling fan and inserted her head inside. That’s when her cell phone buzzed into life.

Ashwin Calling.

She smiled and removed the rope from the ceiling fan and untied the knot, slapped herself on her foolish act and thought, why should I die when I have a friend to whom I mean the world and when I know he’ll do anything for me? and attended the call.

Love maybe considered as the greatest feeling in the world, but when it betrays a person, it’s a friend who comes all the way to wipe off your tears.

I dedicate this first blog post to my lovely friends. 🙂